SEO / SEM (Online Business Promotion or Marketing Strategy)


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimization of a site for search engines (SEO services) is a complex of actions directed at creation of conditions, at which the site will be on the leading search positions in search engines for a set of key phrases. It is not a great mystery for anybody that each day the quantity of sites in the Internet is growing rapidly.

It is harder and harder to find a site providing this or that service or containing the necessary information. Site SEO is the solution to this problem. Search engines give huge preference not only to non-page factors of the project (external links to the site, topical preferences of the linking sites, the texts of the links), but also to factors being directly on the site. We offer the service of optimization of the internal factors of the site with the purpose of increasing its friendliness to search engines.

The steps involved in promotion are :

R & D for keywords
Implementing script on server (For Dynamic Sites only)
Submissions paid and directory
Monitoring, Analysis and Report Generation.


Search Engine Optimization is the strategy that fetches international exposure for our customers. The techniques used in the optimization process are unique and very well designed to meet the requirements for increased traffic. Because higher is the ranking more is the chance of people visiting the site and more will be the profitability. Imagine searching for abc company in Google so what is the first result quite obvious your own company name but not every body knows that abc company is doing xyz job.

Search Engine Results:

Real result is simply a list of those sites that have content relevant to that word. The ranking of a website depends upon how compatible that content of the website is to that word and also, how important that content is

Our SEO Pricing Starts From: INR 25000 For 1 Year
INR 25000
INR 40000
INR 65000
INR 80000
INR 110000
On-page Optimization
Keyword Research 5 10 20 30 40
Title Tag Optimization
Robots.txt Optimization
W3c Validation
Working on HTML Source Code
Image & Hyperlink Optimization
Header Tag Optimization
PageRank Sculpting
Local Search Website Optimization
Local Search Engine Submission
Customer Review Submission
hCard Integration
Updating Pages for Local Search
Web 2.0 & Social Media
Social Bookmarking 20 30 50 75 100
Video Submission 20 30 40 50
RSS Feeds
Link Development
Manual Link Requests to Related Sites 450 600 1140 1475 1625
One Way Links from Directory Submissions 50 75 100 125 150
Other Activities
Google, Yahoo & MSN Sitemap Creation
Google Base Feeds * Upto 25 products Upto 50 products Upto 75 products Upto 100 products
Google Analytics (Statistics)
Current Performance
Monthly SEO Report
Customer Support